• Adrian Dunk

The Power Of Free

How you can often get back a lot more than you give.

Don't you just love something for free? Well so do your customers! I personally believe that there is no quicker way to gain more followers and potential customers by giving away a product, service or some of your time for free.

So how do you make the most of it?

The most popular method is to create a Facebook post giving the details of the prize, how to enter the competition and when it ends plus when the winner is announced. Ask everyone to like and share your post for a chance to enter and maybe ask them to tag friends who also might be interested too.

Don't forget to include your website address, you want to drive as much traffic towards it as possible. One trick is to ask people to answer a question about your website, then they'll have to head on over to take a look at it to find the answer.

Ideally you want to focus on a product or service that sells well or is the most profitable. Or perhaps you are launching something new that you'd like to increase exposure of.

Some points to remember:

1. What's your objective? Decide what you want to achieve from the giveaway, maybe it's more website traffic, more Facebook page likes or Instagram followers. Tailor your competition towards achieving your goal.

2. Decide the prize. Think about which product or service you'd like to promote. Also, make sure it's attractive enough to gain interest, a £5 voucher probably isn't going to cut it!

3. Set the rules. Decide on how people can enter the competition, how long it will run for and when the winner will be announced. It's also a good idea to mention how the winner will be picked, names in a bowl that are picked on a live video is a good idea.

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